Asha Efia is a New York based photographer who recently met model, Brittani Bader, while at a photoshoot – they started chatting about how all the photoshoots she does are so “obviously sexy” but that she wants to do more unique shoots, not just lingerie. Efia felt exactly the same, saying she currently feels the same way about what fashion photography is becoming. One thing lead to another and the two planned a collaboration for their first exclusive editorial for Nakid! Thinking it would be fun to do a very obvious photoshoot with her, but make it a little more interesting, they came up with the concept of doing a nude fashion shoot but unlike anything they had ever done before, teaming up with MUA Sonar Chanda for the perfect look. Efia thought this was an oxymoron, but rather than going the normal route with it they wanted to visualize that oxymoron in a unique way. She reached out to a few NY stylists but was having a hard time finding someone who was interested or able to pull what she was envisioning. So she decided to make the clothing herself which she had never done before! The result? Something amazing that could only be described as definitely Nakid worthy and the kind of creativity and thinking out of the box that we love! See the entire set below!

See more of Asha Efia’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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