Danny Daze, the Miami-based artist, has taken a creative leap with his latest endeavor, “BLUE”, which made a significant impact at the III Points Festival 2023. The project is a fusion of auditory and visual arts, where Danny Daze’s debut album, “BLUE”, was paired with a visual film experience encapsulated within a dome. Here’s a concise look into this immersive installation:

Danny Daze’s “BLUE” is an avant-garde assembly that aimed to transcend the conventional dance floor aesthetics and engage the audience in a multidimensional experience. By collaborating with Sensory Works, Joseph Nickson, and Konx-om-Pax, Danny Daze has orchestrated an art installation that explores the symbiosis between music and visual arts.

Upon entering the dome, attendees found themselves amidst a spectacle of sounds and visuals. They were seated on beanbag chairs, with eyes lifted to the dome ceiling that became a canvas for a visual journey synchronized with the album’s tracks. The music emanated from a robust 40,000-watt, 16-point surround sound system, enriching the visual narrative displayed on a seamless 50-foot dome screen. The visuals, reflective of IDM influences like Aphex Twin, morphed and pulsed in harmony with the music, traversing abstract geometries and conceptual vistas. At moments, the experience transported attendees through a nuclear reactor or amidst ancient protozoa dancing to the rhythm.

Housed in the III Points Festival 2023, the “BLUE” installation received a warm reception despite minor technical hitches. The attendees found themselves momentarily disconnected when the visuals and music paused due to a technical glitch. However, the brief interlude was overshadowed by the overall innovative and captivating essence of “BLUE”. The installation marked a notable moment in the festival, showcasing Danny Daze’s creativity and his endeavor to redefine the musical experience.

The success of “BLUE” at III Points is a testament to the evolving music scene in Miami, harboring a space for local talents to explore and present new-age artistry.

Danny Daze’s “BLUE” is a compelling narrative of how music and visual art can amalgamate to create a novel sensory experience, pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally expected in a music festival setting.

Recently, Miami’s own Danny Daze has unveiled his eagerly awaited debut album ‘::BLUE::,’ slated for release on November 17th, 2023. Giving a taste of what’s to come, the artist has shared the album’s first single, ‘Silver Box,’ a collaborative venture featuring Nick León and Jonny From Space.

The full-length album brings together a host of noted Miami musicians including Nick León, Jonny From Space, Push Button Objects, and Deroboter, enriching the soundscape of ‘::BLUE::’ which will be brought to the audience through Daze’s Omnidisc imprint this month.

Marking a significant landmark in Danny Daze’s musical journey, ‘::BLUE::’ embodies 24 years of artistic pursuit and dedication.

We look forward to the November 17th drop of his new album, “BLUE”, come back then for the drop!

Check out more and follow Danny Daze here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Photo credit:   Danny Daze

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