Taking Back Sunday’s new album “152” has managed to draw quite a bit of attention in the music community. Released on October 27th, it’s been perceived as a rejuvenating work for the band, defying their age while crafting a mature, melancholy, yet engaging sound.

The album showcases a range of songs with varying tempo and style. The track “I Am The Only One Who Knows You” is mentioned for its calculated slow-jam quality with clever moments showcasing Lazzara’s vocal range, while “Quit Trying” is noted for its deeper piano and production, reflecting a significant takeaway from the entire album. The song “The One” at 3 minutes and 18 seconds is the longest track on the album, and although it’s musically a bit slow, it’s emotionally charged and left a reviewer on the verge of tears.

Taking Back Sunday’s journey has been a long and encumbered one with up’s and down’s over the years. With numerous band mate changes, strife among founders, infidelity and musical trending winds changing to hail electornic music in the later 2010’s to present with less focus on band’s and punk rock with respect to the 90’s and early 2000’s angst driven wave of emo, punk and indie dominance. Summer was synonymous with Warped Tour back then. The anticipation of seeing Taking Back Sunday live was a feeling unparalleled. Their electrifying performances at Warped were legendary, a rite of passage for every young punk enthusiast. And then there were the joint tours with Brand New and others, a concoction of raw emotion and musical prowess that left us all in awe. Not to mention those moves and swinging mic that made panties drop.

As years rolled on, the scene evolved and so did Taking Back Sunday. Their music matured, reflecting the evolving intricacies of our own lives. Yet, the essence that made them our youthful emblem remained intact. The release of “152” brought back a rush of nostalgia, a beautiful meld of the band’s enduring essence and the finesse acquired over years.

Now, as the infamous “When We Were Young” festival rolls around, it’s like a journey back in time, yet with a matured perspective. Taking Back Sunday’s name on the line-up is a sweet reminder of the unyielding spirit of those days younger rebellious days, when social media didn’t exist, iPhones were barely wading into the fabric of our lives and the energy we lived was alive in real moments off the internet. Their musical progression is like a mirror to our own life transitions, each chord striking a familiar yet evolved emotion.

Each song in “152” is a bridge between the reckless abandon of youth and the reflective sobriety of adulthood. And as I prep to see them live again, the loop of nostalgia tightens, reminding me of the first skate, the first live show, the endless summer days, and the undying spirit of punk that brought us all together.

Taking Back Sunday seems to be on a roll, not just with their new album but also with their touring. They have a series of concerts lined up in November, starting with a performance at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach, CA on November 4, then moving on to Lodge Room in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA on November 6, and Grimey’s New & Preloved Music in Nashville, TN on November 8. They also had some dates earlier and will be performing at the Good Things Festival 2023 in Australia, starting in Melbourne on December 1, then in Sydney on December 2, and Brisbane on December 3.

This new album and the subsequent tour reflect a sustained and evolving energy from Taking Back Sunday, offering both a nostalgic nod to their roots and a fresh, mature sound to longtime fans and new listeners alike.

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