Nick Tsiro got his hands on his first DSLR back in 2009. What started as a fun quest of getting cool pictures of his friends turned into an obsession of getting the best picture out of every concert he goes to and they’re a lot! That combined with a passion for the fashion industry, collecting book after book of all his favorite photographers like James, Von Unwerth, Richardson, Testino, Aroch, Rankin and Sorrenti and finally moving to New York made him want to actually give it a shot. His Final stop was starting to shoot, develop and print 35mm film after getting the advice ‘start working with film and only then you’ll be sure if you love photography‘ and found himself falling in love all over again with photography.

The concept of the shoot was to capture simple and raw images of a semi-naked/naked body in an architecturally similar location, hence the concrete floors-big walls-glass backgrounds.

See more of Nick’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Model:: Emilie Blaise

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