Jandro Bienal de Venecia is a Collage artist living in Barcelona, Spain. He submitted some of his selected works for us here at NAKID, and we just cant get enough of, hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

“I discovered a new world that I wanted to belong to. In one of those days of nostalgia in which I locked myself in the house without being able – or wanting – to leave it, I found a thousand images that opened my appetite. That’s how I decided to reflect my inner state by mixing different images with the help of a knife, with which I began to create different dishes. These are some of them, and now I’m preparing the sauces. Even if you have been hungry … Wait for the desserts! You are going to suck your fingers, they are my specialties. Coming soon…

See more of Jandro’s work here: INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / TUMBLR


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