Giulia Web-4 Alessandro Ponti is a 33 year old  filmmaker and photographer that lives in Oleggio Castello, a village 60 km from Milan. He has been working as a freelancer in Milan for sometime and has been honing his craft and creative eye.

This exclusive editorial he submitted to us is about his friend Julia, she has beautiful tattoos, and a dog who believes he is a cat. She loves to talk, and every shot was a combination of vision and hope. She is a beautiful soul inside and out which he tried to reflect in his story and every shot.

See more of Alessandro Ponti’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Giulia Web-6 Giulia Web-7 Giulia Web-9 Giulia Web-10 Giulia Web-11 Giulia Web-12 Giulia Web-14 Giulia Web-15 Giulia Web-16 Giulia Web-17 Giulia Web-18 Giulia Web

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