More and more young people are spreading their wings and taking social media, the internet, and their badass taste in just about everything and turning them into legitimate businesses and creative outlets – one of those very people is young stylist/creative director/photographer Imogene Barron!  Her creative eye has graced the pages of Dazed & Confused, Junk Magazine, I-D, Oyster, Yen, Monster Children and more!  Originally from Australia and now residing in Los Angeles, Barron has been cultivating an image and style all her own, and everyone is noticing!  When at Oyster Magazine, she took the creative direction in a completely different direction often pushing models she loved and sticking with them, creating a distinct aesthetic that further pushed her name-recognition up the ladder in the fashion world. Working with names like Levi’s, Adidas and Wranglers just to name a few, and artists and actresses such as Miley Cyrus, Paz De La Huerta and Teresa Oman – it’s clear her eye for everything youthful, low-fi and striped down has served her well, but her most ambitious and personal project to date, LOVEWANT, the result of years of collaboration with friends and co-conspirators Bec Parsons and Bartolomeo Celestino, has to be by far the her most amazing collaboration and creative venture yet!  Limited to only 500 print copies, it features the young stylist traveling the countryside of Australia and the U.S. shooting every one from 1990’s high-priestess of heroin chic, Emma Balfour to swimwear and lingerie lovely Jess Hart, Susan Elridge and even Lara Bingle. She is a style legend for the young and aspiring, she is a go-to creative for brands, and she pushes limits as well as herself in everything she does – Imogene Barron is the epitome of the artists we love to feature and expose to the world and young artists out there.  Here is just some of her work we love!

See more of her work here:  WEBSITE / TUMBLR / INSTAGRAM

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