Today on our DUOS! series we have Toronto based artist Gabby Hillis above, shot at an art gallery in downtown Toronto by photographer Davey Warren!  Hillis, an illustrator and painter, is a wild one, and her work reflects it! Always colorful, and usually abstract, she works mostly with acrylic and ink, and has several installations around Toronto.  Davey Warren of course has been featured twice before on Nakid, with his straight forward point-n-shoot style and keen sense of exploration and adventure in his shoots, we always look forward to seeing what he will send us next!  He has shot everywhere from China and Belgium where he shot for VICE Magazine to the U.S. and Toronto, Canada where he calls home now. He spent nearly seven years traveling, taking in the sights, and most of all honing his skills through experiences and interactions with others. Both artists are amazing, and if you are ever in Toronto you should definitely try to work with them! Enjoy!


See more of Davey Warren’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
See more of Gabby Hillis’ work here:  FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR


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