The Granada theatre is not your most basic music venue, with a vintage character found in every corner of the venue and a management that prides itself on making an experience out of every show, it only makes sense that their talent buyers always chase after artists that stand out in the scene and JMSN absolutely stands out on his own. Like straight from a 90’sR&B band, JMSN has an uncorrupted carnal sound that transcends its time and age. Trying to understand the formula behind JMSN is something of a dead end, a clash of many unconventional cultural backgrounds that provokes a sense of urban elegance and simplicity. A lone soldier who found a sense of community awareness and self worth in his music. A Detroit native who’s initial influences derive from the city’s early hip-hop scene, but with an unmatchable soulful style that flows as good as R&B can ever flow. A style that belongs to himself and no one else, you would have to be reborn into his shoes to attempt to recreate anything close to sounding like this guy.



Christian (AKA JMSN) and I were watching the NFL game at the bar next door. Shooting the shit, talking about our life backgroundswhile drinking bitters and gin. In between the conversation, he mentioned, that to him, the creative process of recording an album and directing a vision for the whole album cycle is significantly more enjoyable to him than touring. Bouncing ideas with his producers, letting ideas fly and creating something to be proud of is what feeds his creative identity. But as we close our tabs under the 5 minute mark for his live performance, I noted otherwise. As I made my way through the main gates and as soon as I stepped into the venue, I could already hear “Ends (Money)”. How did he make it to the stage so quickly?  That, I’ll never know. Aliens, maybe!

But what I do know is that the man that I encountered on stage, does not need for long hours of preparation. No need for prayers or attitude adjustments. The lights go on and he is still himself. His sharp and polished voice is like a transcript of painful memories, his body language is careless and submissive, as if it had nothing to lose; just willing to share it all. It was almost like an opportunistic invitation to the public, saying, ‘Lets make this a learning experience. Challenge your emotional impediments and blindly discover something new about yourself’.


If I could describe JMSN’s performance in one word, it would be ‘Intimacy’. An ensemble of colorful, intimate frequencies bouncing around the room back and forth from the crowd to the artist, building a personal connection with every individual in that room.

This will not be the last time you hear from JMSN, especially not from us. We have something very special in the works with the soulful artist. While the wait, we highly recommend that you find some time to get lost in his visual work on Youtube. It’s a multi-dimensional vapor wavve trip to the lost sinister VHS tapes of 90’s urban life. So expect a lot of hookers, blow, and dramatic close ups. If you are a 90’s enthusiast, this experience could be quite gratifying.



Photos by Adrian Samano | GIF by @ohmanmanmanny