Analog Photographer, Nikolas-Petros Androbik is based in Berlin. He submitted this set exclusively for us here at NAKID!

“Im pretty new in this game, I started photography before an half year through passion, i was modeling before too but after a lot of health problems I couldn’t go for it anymore and that’s why I decided to be behind the camera!

The Story was shot in Budapest, Hungary- My Girlfriend and I was there for vacations! it was really really cold (-8C). I found Berta on Instagram. After chatting with her and after getting the go from her agency, I started planing everything. The stylist was not present at the shoot. But we planed everything before going to Hungary and I took the clothes with me. “

See more of Nikolas-Petros’ work here: INSTAGRAM


Styling: Franziska Knapp ||  H&M: Laura Reus || Model: Berta Nagy


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