In her latest editorial for NAKID, titled “This Void Feels Eternal,” photographer Nargiz Ali collaborates with model Carolina Mejia to create a captivating series of photographs taken in a dark room illuminated by red light.

Nargiz Ali, a 28-year-old photographer hailing from Baku, Azerbaijan, has a keen eye for capturing portraits that express her own emotions as well as those of her subjects. When Nargiz first laid eyes on Carolina, she instantly knew two things – they would become friends and she needed to capture her in a photograph.

Carolina Mejia, a stunning model, became the muse for “This Void Feels Eternal.” The series depicts Carolina bathed in a mesmerizing red light, symbolizing the way Nargiz saw her – as a captivating figure exuding power and intensity. With each shot, Nargiz aimed to capture not just Carolina’s outer beauty but also the depths of her soul and the emotions they shared during their time together.

The dark room and the crimson glow enveloping Carolina in the photographs add an air of mystery and intrigue. As the images emerge from the shadows, viewers are brought on a visual journey that invites introspection and contemplation. Through her collaboration with Carolina, Nargiz creates a narrative that delves into the profound human connection and the eternal void that exists within each of us.

“This Void Feels Eternal” serves as a testament to Nargiz Ali’s artistic talent and Carolina Mejia’s captivating presence. Together, they create a visual exploration of emotions and connections that transcends words. As viewers immerse themselves in the editorial, they are prompted to reflect upon their own voids and the enduring nature of human connections.

In conclusion, “This Void Feels Eternal” is a remarkable editorial that showcases the artistic vision of photographer Nargiz Ali and the captivating presence of model Carolina Mejia. Through their collaboration, they invite viewers into a world where emotions are laid bare and connections are explored through the lens of a camera.

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