In 2007, Flavor Group and Blasthaus collaborated to produce the first Solid Gold Jacuzzi float for Lovefest and was welcomed with open arms. Winning the coveted “Best Float” award from SF Weekly, and was featured in URB Magazine for it’s eye popping gold décor, participation, originality and programming, featuring the hippest music selectors in the Bay Area. In 2008, Flavor Group set out on their own and took the Solid Gold Jacuzzi to another level. Boasting a new 30,000 watt Turbo Sound system, driven by a 40ft. Semi, over 250 scantily clad participants danced the day away in nothing but gold. Parked directly in front of San Francisco’s City Hall, 100,000 people witnessed over 8 hours of gold glory from the Solid Gold Jacuzzi. In 2011 Solid Gold Jacuzzi teamed up with Om Records and took things to a whole new level including booking international artists Groove Armada, LA Riots and more. The production was completely over the top with a DJ booth posted on top of a 40ft crane lift.

That was then and this is now.  Monarch, San Francisco has brought this party back and we sure are happy that they did!  Here at Nakid Magazine we know all that glittes is not gold but in this case it’s Solid Gold.  And how could you possibly go wrong with a party and friends like this?


Bridget Angel
Leslie Gray
Chelsea Kelley
Dre Vtron
Lauren Ximenes
Rechal Ryan
Photographer:  Lance Skundrich

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