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In part one of our two part feature on the Dallas duo and party founders of F.U.T.U.R.E. we highlight the latest and greatest in their monthly party in Dallas, TX! Last week we attended the highly popular FUTURE Party headed up by front man DJ/Producer Chris Lund (DJ Left Right) and DJ/Producer Kelsey Kincannon. Hidden away in a warehouse gallery near Fair Park, in Dallas, the party has taken on the imagination of the youth culture and art/music scene currently blowing up in the southern mecca of Dallas. Usually when it comes to art and music in Texas you think of Austin almost automatically, but not anymore, two people along with dozens of other artists are paving the way to change that. FUTURE takes place at THAT THAT Gallery, a new gallery that has been teaming up with some of the most creative and forward thinking people in the city to bring you some of the most intriguing and artistic events right now pushing limits, mindsets, and a whole new view and idea on what great art and music can do to bring the community together.

FUTURE - DALLAS, TX  6.20.2015-2813

Through a steel door on a side street, and up stairs drenched in blue light and art installations hanging above, you come to a hallway and a large open room, you turn the corner, and the music envelops you immediately.  At first glance its hazy and sparkles of light are dancing around the room – you are overwhelmed by visuals and the decorations floating overhead, almost creating a maze of systematic and perfectly placed fabric swaying with the movements of dozens of rhythmically dancing hot bodies. The stage, tucked away in the back of the room goes almost unnoticed as it’s hidden behind layers of mesh fabric following the overall decorative theme of the party. It’s exactly what the founders want, an almost inclusive mix of music and art, not about one or the other directly, but rather a seamless intricate combination. As you scan the room it becomes clear the party doesn’t just attract one niche or scene cliche, it’s as diverse as it gets, dozens of bodies pushing, pulsating and sweating to get to the table, lay down their money, and gain entrance to the night of their lives. The attendance is littered with some of the biggest names in the Dallas art, music and creative scenes all coming together in one place – Dallas wasn’t always like this though, it didn’t always have that much to offer it’s creative elite or fellow patrons in the way of good clean fun and an outlet to not only enjoy yourself and good music and art, but network and build on those same pillars of imagination and creativity.

FUTURE - DALLAS, TX  6.20.2015-2913

In the last few years the DFW area has completely transformed, it’s basically done a sex change on itself in a matter of speaking. The Deep Ellum neighborhood is alive again, fueling not only new artistic avenues and business but new music festivals such as the Mad Decent Block Party & JMBLYA and spawning artists to flock there opening new opportunities for artists to live and work. The lower Greenville area has been uplifted and remade into a hip new neighborhood that is also creating a new atmosphere of youth and culture in the city. A new park downtown, Clyde-Warren Park is also pushing the city into new artistic directions with it’s ‘Decks In the Park‘ series with some notable names in the music business on the forefront such as DJ S.O.U.L.JAH (Julio Rivera) and WISHFM (Wade hampton) who are two veteran music leaders in DFW for years! The Dallas Contemporary, Dallas Museum of Art, WAAS Gallery, THAT THAT Gallery, and a litany of other art museums, galleries, and new art collectives such as the Apophenia Underground, are all the ingredients coming together to create this new artistic soup in Dallas that tastes like that moment you tear into a cheese burger at 2 a.m. after drinking and partying like there’s no tomorrow and you’ve been dreaming about all night. FUTURE is one of those new movements in Dallas that is gaining traction and creating the atmosphere for us to come together, have fun, mingle, and celebrate our creative juices that are making Dallas the new mecca for artists. In our upcoming interview with Chris Lund and Kelsey Kincannon we take you inside the minds of two artists just having fun doing what they love, being true to their style and themselves, and along the way creating one of the most popular parties in DFW in years!

Part 2 of our feature will post next week! Until then enjoy our night out with the guys and our fellow artists and creatives as well as partying the night away with some of the most awesome people we have ever met!

(Photos by Dustin Hollywood)

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