Filthymouthcreative is the offspring and creation of Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri who is a Las Vegas based designer specializing in everything badass from styling to shooting and she also founded her own line entitled Filthy Mouth Clothing (FMC) in 2008.  FMC is not only a handmade, one of a kind clothing company and her source of styling, but it’s a lifestyle and all out living brand, it’s a movement with creative and inspiring fashion conscious people as its inspiration.  FMC inspires women to transform into their most confident selves and express themselves through fashion. Her creative outlets surpass just that of a designer though as she regularly shoots photography as well which works for her because why have someone else shoot your designs when you can do it yourself and you know exactly what you want! She also shoots in 35mm analog which we instantly loved as Nakid holds that as a crux of what we mostly do for our own brand made content.

Brooke follows an ongoing trend now among young creatives where you must literally be a jack of all trades to survive.. social media expert, artist, marketer, agent/manager, and so on, often juggling multiple job descriptions all yourself in order to push your brand and career in an all too cluttered atmosphere of artists all trying to make their mark. It’s clear who stands out though, it’s artists like Brooke, the ones that understand there is no easy way to make it, and doing it all is a necessitiy until its not any longer, and it also helps when you have talent like hers!

If  the last two women on earth we’re super hot babes, what would they do, what might that look like? Well, it would look the same way they always look and they’d do what they always do of course.. Wear bathing suits, be badass, explore, suntan, and drink beer.. oh, and look super hot of course (for each other).
MODELS:  Savy_WadeDevvvalexis

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