Krista Papista is a relatively unknown London based, Greek musician and visual artist. She describes her style as ‘ sordid pop’ with an influence that traverses Balearic house and techno the eerie lyricism.

Born in 1989 the Cypriot/Australian Krista grew up in Nicosia, Cyprus and has been writing, producing and performing since the age of 14. Her strong creative vision is both striking and thought-provoking, with a clear libertarian and social narrative expressed through her work.

Krista debuted in 2016’s with a standout single ‘I Wish I Had Blue Eyes’. Recently, she released a new EP “Aman Aman” that talks about neurotic, power obsessed, chic and dodgy girl gang whose journey begins in Afghanistan, Greece, and Cyprus and carries through to present-day London. The track is their anthem and the red Greek flag their banner.

Please, can you tell us a little bit about yourself first and describe your music in three words?

Krista Papista: I was born in Nicosia, I’m half Greek Cypriot half Australian. Currently based in London. I am a music producer & video director and like to describe my work as Sordid Pop.

Where do you find your inspiration most?

Krista Papista: The internet, friends with references, books, walking around…

What musician or band inspired you to become a musician?

Krista Papista: Serge Gainsbourg

Do you think like growing up in Greece has had any influence on you as a musician and on the music that you’re creating?

Krista Papista: I grew up in Cyprus and yes definitely. There are a lot of Greek references in my music, a lot of Arabic sounds as well. Artists such as Soteria Belou, Manos Hatzidakis, Rebetiko Music, Kavafis, Nikos Karouzos have certainly influenced me.

What’s your vision of modern Greek culture?

Krista Papista: A red Greek flag, feminist politicians with Scandinavian policies governing the country. Vegan taverns. More help provided to refugees entering Greece and a high-quality education system.

Please, tell us how did “Aman Aman” come about?

Krista Papista: Aman Aman came out of reading Greek poetry one summer while watching extremist right wing videos of neo nazi gangs in Greece (Golden Dawn).

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you chose and what would you do?

Krista Papista: I would produce an album with Vangelis.

Finally, what are you currently working on? What’s happening next for you

Krista Papista: Right now I’m finishing an album. The release date will be confirmed soon and it will come with a new video.


To see/hear more of Krista Papista here: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | SOUNDCLOUD

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