Today, new wave duo Airplane Man share their new single and first release of 2019, “Borderline.” A fuzzed out, frenzied bass line drives the 80s-tinged post-punk synth-pop jam, supplemented by a stadium-sized chorus and whimsical synth flourishes before outro’d by dueling snarky guitars. The track was inspired by Nintendo 64 Mario Party, Madonna, and Ready Player One.

Airplane Man say of “Borderline,” “We wrote it in an extremely secluded cabin deep in the forest so we could make as much noise as humanly possible, and I think that unbridled energy really shines through. It’s a song about walking the razor’s edge. It’s about wanting to know where you stand, for better or worse.”

Feldman and Sommers are full-circle creators; they do all the writing, producing, mixing, mastering, and visuals for Airplane Man. Keep up with them via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.