Jedidiah (a.k.a. Jedstarrr) is a music producer from Brooklyn New York who has been producing music for the last decade. With his unique style of experimental beats and film score influences sounds, his skill set wasn’t built overnight. He’s received attention from the likes of Metroboomin, Mase, Keyshia Cole, & Big Sean. His influences stems from the likes of legendary producers like Kanye West, Timbaland, Rapsody, & The Roots. When listening to his music, you can hear the effort to create a “timeless record” rather than “today’s hit”. The goal for JedStarrr now as he transitions to taking on a heavier songwriter load is to energize his fan base to stay empowered through their art. His subject matter typically wraps around dense topics like today’s political & social economy in America, Religion, Faith, and guidance. He started off as a drummer at the age of 14 and now in his mid 20s hes on course to being one of Hip Hop’s most intriguing producer/artist.

Brooklyn New York native Jedstarrr is releasing his new single “PRESSURE“. This song speaks to the pressures and anxiety of falling into the influences of today’s society. Many people are chronic givers, many are non-confrontational, many are even insecure with their identities. This song speaks to the journey of mental health and staying firm in your convictions.,fighting your one’s belief’s, and not being afraid to say no. Even if its to the ones you love. The most important goal should be to fulfill your purpose and appreciate the power you’re holding within yourself to strive for greatness. That’s the message of this song. Jedstarrr, who is also a music producer, has taken this opportunity to take a leap of faith and display his artistry through song writing on this gritty, hip-hop track. With hard knocking 808 drums and his animated delivery, this record is set to take you for a ride! His Debut project will be released winter/spring of 2020, so keep an eye out for that to drop early next year!

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