Polina, a talented film director and producer from Moscow, gifts us with her latest short film, “I’m Terra.” This captivating piece takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery as a protagonist seeks solace from destructive states through acts of creativity. With two conceptual lines intertwining in this film, Polina beautifully explores the transformative power of art in finding one’s way out of the darkness.

Polina’s narrative draws inspiration from the plowing ceremony, a ritual that dates back to ancient times. Historically performed in unfavorable times, the ceremony involved ecstatic movements and manipulations with the earth. In “I’m Terra,” Polina offers a unique interpretation of these elements, infusing them with dramatic intensity. Through the protagonist’s exploration of creativity, we witness their cathartic journey towards healing and escape from destructive patterns.

“I’m Terra” embraces the notion that creativity can serve as a powerful tool for personal transformation. Through the protagonist’s acts of artistic expression, Polina beautifully illustrates how creative pursuits can pave the way toward self-discovery and healing. Whether through painting, writing, or any other form of artistic endeavor, the film encourages viewers to embark on their own journey of creative exploration as a means of finding solace and escaping destructive states.

“A person has a need to find a way out of his destructive states through various acts of creativity.” – Polina

Polina’s short film is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to stir emotions, provoke introspection, and inspire change. Through her artistry and unique perspective, she encourages us to embrace the transformative potential of creativity in navigating our own journeys. “I’m Terra” beautifully showcases the universal human experience of seeking catharsis and finding a way out of destructive states through the magic of artistic expression.

Audio-visual performance – rite 3:55 min

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