Photographer, filmmaker, and digital AI artist Dustin Hollywood created this new series for today’s exclusive Halloween week editorial for NAKID titled, ‘A Lively Evil‘.


In a not-so-distant dystopian future, the line between organic and synthetic has been irreversibly blurred. The world bears witness to an eerie yet captivating horror fashion editorial, “The Sinister Synthesis,” that unveils a chilling reality where technology and biology intertwine. As the sun casts a dim light over the deserted industrial cityscape, a troop of futuristic models emerge from the shadows, adorning designs that are more than just worn; they are grotesquely merged with their flesh.

Each model is a harrowing display of the unholy union between human and machine. The designs are not just fabrics; they are living, breathing organisms with a technological heartbeat. Veins of cold steel intertwine with warm flesh, while biomechanical limbs stretch and contort in a grotesque dance of horror and beauty. The fashion pieces cling to their bodies, morphing with every movement, showcasing a horrifyingly beautiful amalgamation of fabric, flesh, and circuitry.

As the models strut through the decaying remnants of civilization, their haunting elegance tells a story of a world lost to the sinister allure of transhumanism. The surreal and horrific imagery captured sends a bone-chilling message about the dark potential of melding our biological form with the cold precision of technology. Each frame of the editorial not only challenges the conventional norms of fashion but also holds a dark mirror to the face of humanity, questioning the costs of our relentless pursuit of technological evolution.

Dustin is the founder of NAKID and has been working with AI as a tool to complement his photography over the past year. He will be showing at Art Basel Miami this December (more info to come) and across the country in several exhibitions in 2024, stay tuned for that info to drop in the new year!

If you’re a fan of this talented artist, be sure to show them some support and appreciation. This brief glimpse into their amazing work is just the tip of the iceberg. To discover more captivating pieces and to support their creative journey, head over to their Instagram page. There, you can immerse yourself in their artistic world and find daily inspiration by following them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of their artistic journey and show your love for their incredible talent.

Check out more of Dustin Hollywood and their work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE

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