Marie Menken (1910-1970) is one of the most amazing innovators of American avant-garde cinema. She was a mentor, muse and major influence for some of the most inspirational and well-known experimental filmmakers in the world like Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas and Andy Warhol – Menken created some of the most extraordinary and stunningly beautiful films of the time.  Her understanding of handheld cinematography was beyond genius and beginning from her first film, Visual Variations on Noguchi (1945) to her last film, Watts with Eggs(1967).

“This Sunday we here at Nakid wanted to start our new series {SUNDAY MATINEE} off with a bang!  Something that encapsulates what we represent as a magazine, the innovative nature of the artists we support, and the creativity and artistic nature of those who strive for more, and who push limits.  Happy Sunday, and hope you enjoy!”

Dustin Hollywood, Editor-In-Chief/Founder/Creative Director



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