Demis Lyall-Wilson is a London-based fashion photographer and filmmaker. Veteran of over 30 Hollywood feature films (including “Star Wars : The Last Jedi”, “Prometheus”, “The Great Gatsby”) he currently splits his year between fashion and film projects from his top secret Hackney lair.

Have you ever noticed that the older a memory is, the more likely it is you’ll picture it
as an observer, watching the scene play out from the corner? Perhaps that’s how we
heal? Not because we ever stop carrying our portfolio of scars around, but because
we’re not forced to relive everything through our own eyes forever? There’s a beauty
in that, a silver lining. After all, a scar is just a tattoo we didn’t ask for, one whose
pain can’t help but fade to melancholy with enough time and perspective…

See more of Demis work here: INSTAGRAM


Model: Morgan Black

Location: Bow, East London
Camera: Pentax 6×7 MLU / Takumar 105mm
Film: Kodak Portra 400 (medium format)


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