The New EP 'Out Of My Head' Out Now!

Appropriately titled “Out of My Head“, the record features four original songs which Keegan Chambers says she’s glad to finally get out of her head and into the world wide web. The songs have been through various demo versions over the years but with a little help from Factor Canada’s Artist Development grant, she and platinum award winning engineer and producer, Daniel Tsourounis, have been able to finish them – defining her sound as an artist in the process.

The first track, “Look What You’ve Done” comes in guns a blazing with powerful soaring melodies over infectious pop-rock instrumentals. Directly addressing her past abusers, Keegan describes the ensuing aftermath of their actions – namely navigating her all-encompassing rage and thirst for revenge. Echoing that sentiment is “Catcalling”, another pop-rock anthem, featuring a seething guitar solo by Jonny Nesta of the Juno-nominated band Skull Fist.

Her country roots start to show in “Devil’s Kisses” which features slide guitar, harmonica, the banjo and a moody guitar solo by Spencer LeVon of Fatality and Brother Levon. It tells the age old tale of dealmaking with the devil, playing a game that’s been rigged from the start. She closes the EP with “Love at First Sight”, a ballad that was originally released on her acoustic EP in 2019. This rendition is laced with organs and string lines contributed by award winning composer, Asher Lenz. After getting you all riled up with the first few tracks, it’s the perfect audible digestif.

As a child, Keegan’s gravitation to the performing arts was unshakable. She took private vocal lessons, sang in the local children’s choir, and performed and competed regularly; but when it came time to decide which high school she would attend, she made the “responsible” choice to continue in French immersion instead of taking a risk on the arts.

After several years of trying to find a suitable career path she was passionate about, Chambers finally returned to her first love and started writing songs of her own. In 2019 she released her first single, a bluesy jam track called “Loving You” paired with a music video which she co-directed. Later that year she released an acoustic EP appropriately titled “Live Off The Floor”.

After receiving Factor Canada’s Artist Development grant in 2020, she kicked production into high gear ringing in the new year with a track that she says is more reflective of what you can expect to hear from her moving forward: a pop-rock sound that she and producer, Daniel Tsourounis, have been crafting since the pandemic first started.

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