Capturing the essence of Santa Fe, New Mexico, photographer Michael Stears takes viewers on a visual journey through his new exclusive series for NAKID titled “Where Fast Lives Slow Down.” The series stars model Ryah Luevano and showcases the unique allure of Santa Fe and its mesmerizing landscapes.

Inspired by the works of renowned photographer Bill Brandt, Stears sought to create a series of abstract shots that would pair Ryah’s presence with the stunning natural surroundings of Santa Fe. The sculptural quality of Brandt’s work, along with his ability to harmonize models with their environment, served as a catalyst for Stears’ artistic vision.

However, Stears’ perspective shifted unexpectedly upon checking into the historic El Rey Motel, nestled along Route 66. The vintage charm of the motel, dating back to 1963, captured his heart and ignited a new creative direction. As Stears sat on the motel’s patio, he found himself immersed in a daydream of staying for months to work on a novel. Though not a writer, he decided to channel his inspiration into his photography, utilizing his cameras to capture the essence of El Rey Motel and the captivating allure of Santa Fe.

Venturing into Santa Fe’s vintage stores, Stears curated a wardrobe that would perfectly complement Ryah’s presence and the setting. While initially hesitant about the clichéd concept of photographing a model in a motel room, Stears’s artistic instincts combined with the charm of the location and the unique pieces he found to create a series that goes beyond the expected.

Through “Where Fast Lives Slow Down,” Stears successfully encapsulates the essence of Santa Fe, presenting viewers with a snapshot in time. The series not only showcases the collaboration between a model and a photographer but also captures a piece of the soul of the road tripper who seeks respite along Route 66 at the enchanting El Rey Motel.

As viewers journey through this exclusive series for NAKID, they will undoubtedly feel a sense of connection to the soulful landscapes and the captivating stories that unfold within each photograph. Michael Stears’ creative vision and his collaboration with model Ryah Luevano transport us to a world where time slows

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