Dubai-based illustrator and artist Milana Juventa, known as MJ, has mesmerized art enthusiasts with her latest series for NAKID titled “MJ Journey.” Consisting of two distinct collections, “Black Obsession” and “Shiny Souls,” MJ delves into the depths of the human psyche and explores the contrasting aspects of human nature.

In the “Black Obsession” series, MJ employs intense black hues and bold brushstrokes to portray the darker facets of human existence. Through her art, she delves into themes of obsession, desire, and the shadows that reside within every individual. This thought-provoking collection invites viewers to confront their own inner demons and contemplate the complexities of human emotion.

On the other hand, “Shiny Souls” offers a contrasting perspective, showcasing the inherent beauty and resilience of the human spirit. MJ skillfully uses vibrant colors and intricate detailing to bring to life the inner radiance that shines through even amidst adversity. This collection serves as a celebration of the indomitable spirit that resides within each person, encouraging viewers to find strength and positivity even in challenging circumstances.

The “MJ Journey” series is a testament to MJ’s mastery of technique and her ability to evoke profound emotions within her audience. Her unique blend of expressionism, magical realism, and abstract and figurative approaches create a captivating visual experience that leaves a lasting impact.

MJ’s artistic talents have garnered recognition on an international level, with her works being featured in group shows across various countries. Her participation in prestigious exhibitions, including at the Louvre Museum in France in 2015 and 2017, further solidifies her reputation as a distinguished artist.

Notably, MJ has also collaborated with esteemed brands such as Megafon mobile operator and Paul Mitchell. Her inclusion in national ratings of the best artists under 35 years old highlights her exceptional talent and rising prominence in the art world.

In her pursuit of artistic exploration, MJ has ventured into the world of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) art since February 2021, recognizing the immense potential of this emerging technology. By embracing blockchain and the eternal nature of NFTs, MJ aims to revolutionize worldwide art sharing and create a new dimension for her creations. Her involvement in exhibitions within the Metaverse adds another layer of magic to her already captivating artistic journey.

Milana Juventa’s “MJ Journey” series is a testament to her exceptional skill, artistic vision, and ability to captivate viewers. Through her thought-provoking and visually

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