Seungyea Park is a Korean Illustrator also known as ‘Spunky Zoe‘, who specializes in dark, edgy, and often monsterous drawing forms in order to reflect the inner fear that resides within us all. Park, with ball point pen and brush in hand, gazes with her detail-oriented monochromatic eye upon her canvas or paper with the intent to creat abnormal and realistic drawings/paintings often portraying animal-human hybrids, extra hands or eyes, and more! 

Park describes her work as a study of fear. With a deep understanding of what fear means to the variety of people/characters she portrays , Park goes right ahead and gives these confining thoughts a vision. Furthermore, Park wishes to overcome her personal fears as well. Through her images, she manages to overcome avoidance and becomes completely desensitized by “facing monsters, or the true nature of fear itself.”

“Due to fear and horror being used as the most ‘universal’ and constant devices to maintain social systems as ‘injustice’, and consider them ‘enemies’. While regarding tabooed beings deviating from us as monsters. we ourselves become freaks. Monsters are everywhere.”


(via hi-fructose)