Kelsey Ryder aka the hello happy plants girl! She lives in Orlando, FL and makes things that make her (and hopefully a bunch of other people) happy, into planters. This is all still pretty new to her but she made her first mold for a planter just 9 months ago and the ideas keep coming and the public keeps wanting!

I’d say about 85% of my planter inspiration comes flying at me in gas stations. It’s funny (and at this point, probably a little annoying for my friends/boyfriend) but I feel like my brain is constantly trying to make planters out of things I see throughout my day. I took out our trash one day about a month ago and the trash looked so cool the way it was laying in there. I was like “boo boo!! I’m gonna make a bag of trash into a planter!!” All in all, life is really rad right now. I get to use my hands to make things, grow/share my plants with other humans and talk to my dog, eat snacks and watch some pretty questionable tv shows all day while we do all that other stuff.”
See more of Kelsey Ryder’s work here: INSTAGRAM

Credits: Photography: Brian Soderlind

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