Being from two different parts of the world, Berlin-based producer London Future and LA’s Pop Songstress Symon managed to build a heavenly-like chemistry that led to the production of a delightful and perfectly balanced track ‘Know Better’. With a dramatic 80’s glam-rock-like guitar riff at the beginning, the track grabs you immediately as Symon’s vocals come in with a beautiful pitch and unique vocal style, the track gradually takes into a mixture of genre mixing sounds that only a few producers can execute so eloquently. There is a tone of the diversity of sounds in the track that attracts all kinds of taste and music lovers, definitely worth a spot in your favorites playlist.

We had the chance to chat with both artists recently and find out a little bit more about the project, their personal artistic journeys and more. So check it out and make sure to keep up with them for future news.


Hi, guys thank you for talking to us, we really love the new track. Tell me a little bit about the project? How did it come about?

London:  I heard about Symon after my manager played me a couple of her songs and I loved her instantly. We found a song that would work best for our collab and begin working on it for a couple weeks before getting it perfect. Symon is a really hard working and believes in perfection like myself, so in no time we had something special to offer to the world.

Symon: Thank you so much!! Honestly, it was such a privilege to get on London’s amazing track and bring my vibe into his sound. I remember specifically when my manager Steve Zap called me and said this incredibly talented artist named London Future is interested in collaborating with you on his single. I was so touched and knew I had to be apart of the track when I first heard it. That’s when my partner in crime Gino Barletta and I got together and had to bring that heat to an already fire track.


There is great chemistry on the track, there are a very smooth balance and coordination. Is this the first time you guys worked together? How were the interactions with each other? Getting to know each other musically.  

S: It’s true London and I have great chemistry we just get each other. I love his sound and knew I could bring a cool element to the track. We’re from opposite sides of the world but are both two up and coming artists who just love music more than anything. We didn’t even record the song together which is crazy!! London and I were sending sessions back and forth from LA to Berlin to get this song just right. I’d be like ok do you like this for the post hook? and he’d be like I want more of this then I’d go back into the studio and get something else. Before I knew it Ultra was flying me to Ibiza to shoot the “Know Better” music video and we were just homies instantly. Total Bff vibes 🙂

L: Meeting up for the music video was such a good vibe. Like with anything in the music we had a few setbacks but nothing we couldn’t get past. I’m happy we are finally getting to release our project.

SYMON, there is a sense of curiosity behind you that is so intriguing, following your growth as an artist, performer and just a woman as a whole have been fantastic. How would you say this track differentiates from your past singles?

S: First of all thank you so much, means a lot. I was so grateful to be apart of London’s single and bring something of mine to his but what’s coming next for me is definitely a departure from what people have heard so far. I truly feel lately I have really found myself and I’m coming into my own. Doing a feature is always an awesome opportunity, to explore parts of artistry that wouldn’t necessarily always align with the vision of my solo project so it’s almost as if I’m acting in a way, in that I get to put on a different hat that I wouldn’t wear on a normal day.


We saw you at Fashion Week last month, you looked like a dream. Is Fashion something you would like to venture into in the future?

S: OMG!! You’re too kind! I was a walking Zombie dream maybe!? I legit did my show on Sirius XM hits 1 in Hollywood and took a red-eye to perform at a fashion show the next day it was a blast! Fashion is a major part of me. Being an artist for every song there’s like a new aesthetics to a new look and to build that with my stylist Alex Shera is so exciting for me. I dream of having my own line someday. That would be surreal.


Attitude and Passion are just the keys to success in this industry and I see that all over you, but you are still so young. What are some goals or attributes you wish to push in the future as your career grows?

S: Attitude and passion are key for sure. It’s all about having that drive and not giving up, keep pushing the boundaries. As my career grows I would love to see myself touring all the time, doing campaigns in fashion, being in film, starting a clothing line, and most importantly creating music that impacts people’s lives.

Now London, we’ve seen your work in the past with artist like Jesse Reyes, Jem Cooke and Cherise Ransome all strong empowering women all with their own unique style. Is there a pattern in your musical style that matches so well with such vocals?

L: There is always something about a strong melodic female vocal that gets me. That emotional element makes it a lot easier to convey the message the song is trying to send and that’s paramount.


I think your productions are very clean and well constructed and this collaboration ‘Know Better’ it truly sounds like a hit, wouldn’t be surprised if it takes off. So tell me what are some expectations or goals you have about your future?

L: Thank you! I’d really like to have a number 1 hit some day. It’s the ultimate challenge; making music that connects to the average listener. I think coming from the Caribbean it’s a lot easier now to make it happen with the whole Caribbean wave that’s taking over.



So tell me more about your influences who did you grow up listening to and how do you think they shaped you into the artist you are?

S: I grew up listening to Alanis Morissette, The Stones, No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac, Britney Spears, and Gaga. They all have inspired me immensely weather with music influence, image, how to perform, and etc. Strong women are my thing. I dream to be a strong female powerhouse in this biz and inspire young women like they inspired me.

L: Living in Trinidad and Tobago, I grew up listening to a lot of Calypso and Soca music. People like Mighty Sparrow, Black Stalin, Machel Montano etc. Caribbean roots are deeply embedded in my blood so it’s always first nature to represent my culture.


Thank you for talking to us, we wish you the best. Tell us where we can find you next, is there any upcoming shows?

S: 2018 GET READY FOR SHOWS! And my new single comes out December 2017 x follow me @officialsymon on insta xx


Interview by Manuel Frayre
Black and White Symon Image by Alex Loucas


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